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Sand Pear Blossom
8 May 2013

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Sitting For Awhile
7 January 2013

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Jumping For Joy
22 June 2012

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Sailboat At Dock
7 April 2011

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S is for Shadow
29 January 2011

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on American Alligator on the St. Johns
Très bel effet

Robert D. Burr on American Alligator on the St. Johns
and he looks hungry

Luca Bobbiesi on American Alligator on the St. Johns
Fantastic shot!

Soheil on Dilapidated House on the St. Johns River
Amazing and so well captured

omid on Dilapidated House on the St. Johns River
very nice & wonderful!

omid on Heron on rooftop in Georgetown, Florida
wooooow! very nice & wonderful!

MEC on Heron on rooftop in Georgetown, Florida
Wonderful !

Curly on Heron on rooftop in Georgetown, Florida
Superbly detailed shot, you did really well.

Ellebasi on Golden Hour on Crescent Lake

Curly on Golden Hour on Crescent Lake
What a fabulous frame!

Basile Pesso on Golden Hour on Crescent Lake
Perfect...wonderful crop and light line. These are some details, but the whole picture is superb.

CLODO on Golden Hour on Crescent Lake
Nice ray of light

Shiva on Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Hi, I am neaarly in tears - I feel sorry for the dogs but I am angry about the owner. These are not dogs that kept as ...

Avian Grey on Great Blue Heron
What always surprises me about these is that their characteristics and habits are all but identical to those of the ...

franz on Sand Pear Blossom
love the "hidden" feeling here and the sombre mood ...

Julie L. Brown on Cactus Flower
Lovely lemon-yellow petals with nice detail in the center.

Julie L. Brown on Anhinga Profile
Nice detail on the head, neck and feathers. I like the framing too. Quite a contrast challenge wasn't it?

Loner on Osprey
Ein wunderschöner Fischadler !

Loner on Anhinga - Snake Bird
Ein großartiges Foto ! Besonders schön ist seine Haltung !

Dimitrios on Anhinga - Snake Bird
cool shot

Helys on Anhinga - Snake Bird
So wonderful Great angle, textures, colors, lighting, DOF

Julie L. Brown on Osprey
Wow-these are great birds, aren't they?

jpla on Osprey
Excellente prise ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée JP

Harry on Osprey
Very nice wildlife shot.

Landy on Osprey
wooo muy buena toma tengo en mi blog una parecida quizas sea el hermano y el mismo arbol jajaja siempre me facinan ...

Loner on Osprey
Ein schöner Fischadler !

shervin on Osprey
Nice form and color

Akbar&Armaghan on Osprey
Very nice photo,lovely!

Julie L. Brown on Morning Fog
Nice light! I like the fog and colors in this image too. If I may make a suggestion, you could have positioned yourself ...

Julie L. Brown on Red Shouldered Hawk
Nice head portrait. Hawks are always exciting to see, in my opinion!

Julie L. Brown on Sitting For Awhile
Hi Michelle. I like your perspective for this shot. The texture on the bench is interesting. Thanks for adding me to ...

Akbar&Armaghan on Red Shouldered Hawk
Very beautiful shot

Paul on Red Shouldered Hawk

Lai Chan See on Red Shouldered Hawk
Wow - lovely shot.

Tataze on Red Shouldered Hawk
A very nice portrait. Have a good day

Tataze on Morning Fog
Beautiful ambiance of morning

L'Angevine on Injured Tree Frog
il m'a l'air mais sculpté et glacé

Evelyn on Injured Tree Frog
Wow! poor little critter...but what a great photo this makes! Crisp and delightful

Roy Patience on Cabin in the Woods
You really captured the mood of the scene well.

Barbara Kile on Blue Hydrangea
Blue flowers are rare, and these are beautiful!

crazy Steve on Blue Hydrangea
You captured the pastel blue wonderfully. The detail and composition are superb.

mary on Blue Hydrangea
so lovely color

omid on Pink Mandavilla
so beautiful!

Sterre on Red Shoulder Hawk
Great picture of the Hawk. Very nice sharp and beautiful colour.

Laurette on Papa Eastern Bluebird
A wonderful capture of this beautiful blue bird. Beautifuly seen !!

Loner on Papa Eastern Bluebird
Good morning, Michelle ! Thank you so much for adding my blog to your watching blog ! I wish you a nice week !

Sterre on Papa Eastern Bluebird
Excellent capture un beautiful bleu bird.

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Papa Eastern Bluebird
really nice bird, well done michelle :-)

Loner on Papa Eastern Bluebird
So fantastic blue bird !

DIMITRIOS on The Happy Sailor
happy indeed*

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